4th of July Extended

This weekend was a lot of fun and it was also the celebration of my last day off until the wedding week, so I think the unsolicited idea was to be able to pack in as much fun as possible in one weekend. I think we can check this off as mission accomplished.
Friday night when I got out of work it was time to have our "G" date... so we went to Goodwood, I think that was the most food that I have consumed at once since last Thanksgiving, but it was delicious!
After that we went geocaching in a thorn bush that was in front of someone's yard, not only did we not find it, but we got to enjoy a painful situation AKA death by thorns.
Saturday morning we woke up early before I left for work and we got a free French toast breakfast at Macey's, yes the grocery store, not the department store, and yes it was delicious!
After that we went to the post office to pick up my wedding dress that I ordered for only $185 from China! It came, and it fits perfectly, I highly recommend them! There online store is...
Then when I got home from work we went to the top of Cinnamon Tree Apartments to watch the stadium of fire, fireworks, it was perfect!
Sunday I studied very intently on how to make white bread, I had already done it once and it was great, however after I mixed the dough this time I realized I forgot the sugar and then tried to add it at the end, it failed and I got this squishy weird bread. Fail.
Then Caesar came to play with us!

Then yesterday, which I thought was the best of everything, I showed up to work with a lovely surprise from Derek waiting for me to brighten up my already good day. Yep, I love him :)

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