5 more days!

This week is hands down going to be the best week of my entire life, thus far. Today I get to see the Dennis', tomorrow I have my last day of work for the next 13 days, Tuesday I'm receiving my endowments, Wednesday my dad and Anthony get here, Thursday my brother, mom, and sister are all getting here, and then on Friday I'm getting married and sealed to Derek for time and all eternity! But, in the midst of all the fun and happiness there are probably still about 10 or 20 other things that we still need to get done, but it will all get done, hopefully!

Last week was crazy with getting everything ordered for the reception and trying to clean up my old apartment and move into my new one, which didn't really get done, but at least it's a working progress. For now I'll just leave everyone with a few pictures that don't really describe the true craziness of last week!

Stage one: sorting through laundry, I'm pretty sure I just got tried of trying to decide what was clean and what was dirty, and decided that it was just all dirty and then rewashed everything.
I got half way done with making all of the center pieces for the tables when I ran out of ribbon, so I ran back to Hobby Lobby where I bought the ribbon three months ago, and they don't make it anymore, so then I just bought a massive amount of green tool or whatever it's called and just tied that around all of the tops. I guess it's a good thing I'm not a crazy bridezilla or else this would have been a terrible week.
Pretty sure this was one of the greatest moments ever, coming home to see Derek hard at work putting together our dressers, one of the million reasons as to why I love him!
Another one of the million reasons why I love Derek, he picked out our couches and they're PERFECT! & they even came with decorative throw pillows! Yes, our home is going to be AMAZING!
At least with all the Chaos we still managed to have our "i" date, which mainly just consisted of us going out to eat at Iceberg but it was fun, after which we ventured over to the new grocery market that we will be going to so we could see if I would mentally be able to shop somewhere that isn't Macey's which I have grown a strange attachment to over the past year and a half... I think it will be OK... I hope.

Oh, we forgot to take pictures of our "H" date, but we just had a night inside and at a Hot-n-Ready, and watched holes :)

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  1. Good luck Paige! Enjoy this week, it is going to go by so fast! Let me know if you need help with anything. I remember the last week being super crazy!