Now back to reality...

So when I say that the past 2 weeks or however long it has been since I last posted have been crazy, I seriously mean it. We've done everything from, saying goodbye to our old friends and our old ward, to getting everything done for the wedding, including saying hello, and goodbye to our friends and family that came out for the occasion. In the middle of the crazy week before the wedding we found time for me to go through the temple and receive my endowments, and we were also able to go see all the sites in down town Salt Lake with my family. After all the crazy stuff pertaining to the wedding, we then got to spend a relaxing weekend in St. George and we even got to go to the temple to do some sealings together.

Here is the semi-full view of the last 11 days of our lives :)

2 Sundays ago we got ready and went to church for our last time at the BYU 58th ward. It was definitely a bittersweet moment.
2 Tuesday's ago I went through the Mt. Timpanogos Temple for my first time so that I could receive my endowments and prepare to get sealed to Derek for time and all eternity later that week.
Last Thursday Derek and I got to take my dad, brother, and friend Anthony who were here visiting for our wedding to downtown Salt Lake so that they could see all the church sites, it was really a neat experience to see my friends and family enjoying themselves while seeing things about the church's history!
Then finally after a 99 day engagement, Derek and I were finally married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple for time and all eternity, and we were able to spend and cherish the day with our loved ones, pretty much the most amazing day, ever.

After all the wedding stuff was done and over with we got to spend a relaxing weekend together in sunny St. George! Here are just a few pictures of the honeymoon!
Day one we went to Sand Hallow State Park, where we got to go swimming and get super sunburned, (Derek, not me).
Day 2 we woke up and went to church, and then spent the day at our condo and had a cookout. & to let the record show, Derek is amazing at grilling burgers!
Day 3 we said goodbye to our condo and then set out to do all the touristy things in St. George before heading over to the Wagner's for dinner!
We went up the crack in St. George and went to the top of Dixie Rock.
We went to the Birgham Young winter home.
We went to the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum.
We went to the Dinosaur tracks museum where we got to make origami cranes together!

Then we went to Nielson's to get the best frozen custard that St. George has to offer before we headed off to the Wagner's for dinner and then went to sleep at their house for the night before waking up the next morning to do sealings at the St. George temple and then start the trek back home.

It was an amazing past couple weeks and now were just back at home setting up our home together and enjoying each other's company before we both have to head back to work on Monday.

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