All work, running, and some play!

Well today was the day, Derek's alarm clock went off at 5 o'clock this morning which officially meant that the honeymoon was over and that it was back to the real world this morning. But at least we got to have some fun the last few days in our apartment hanging out together. For normal people going back to work wouldn't be that big of a deal but Derek works from 6AM-2:30PM, and then I work from 2PM-11PM, so we seriously never get to see each other, but when school starts, I'll only be working part time so we'll be getting to see a lot more of each other in just a few more weeks! But here's a little bit of what we've been up to the last few days!
So as a wedding gift, my mom, sister, her boyfriend, and my brother all pitched-in to get us a brand new 26'' TV with a built in DVD player, but Derek really wanted a bigger TV so we went to Walmart to see what we could exchange that one for, but when we went to return the first TV the lady at Walmart didn't know what she was doing so she gave us $300 in cash instead of a gift card! So then Derek and I went home and just ordered a new TV off of the internet and only wound up paying $200 of our own money for a 46'' TV! But then of course we needed a DVD player, and Derek wanted a PS3 so after him persuading me for a few days I finally caved in after telling myself I would never have one in our home! So that was our major getting married treat... a 46'' TV and a PS3, I guess Derek's birthday came early for him this year :)
Derek and I had our date night this week at JCW's... Usually I'm a fairly light eater but for some reason on Friday night I couldn't help myself so I had to go for the jalapeno, bacon, cheeseburger, and yes it was amazing... Thanks Derek, I love you :)
So this is what happens when Paige tries to make peach cobbler, not a total disaster, but it wasn't the best. Anyways, the reason behind this was that a friend of mine (Suzzie) challenged herself to start eating three servings of fruits and veggies a day! I thought that was an awesome idea and so I challenged Derek and I to the same goal. But the problem was that we overbought on peaches and so they were going bad and we had to make some last minute cobbler out of them so that they didn't go to waste!
Last but certainly not least, I've been running, running, running. About a month ago I signed up for the Mesa Falls 2011 Marathon in Ashton, ID. A goal of mine ever since I graduated high school was to be a marathon runner and to proudly be able to display a 26.2 sticker on the lower left hand corner of my back windshield. This whole thing started after I read Pam Reid's running biography called, The Extra Mile, it's one of my favorite books and I've read it many times. Anyways, so after signing up for the marathon I was really pumped and started doing the long training runs and everything but then my feelings about it changed and I started questioning whether or not I was really going to run it. After some deep soul searching for about a week and a half I realized that the only reason I wasn't going to do it was because I was scared. And one of my sayings are... "not doing something because you're afraid to do it is not a reason to not do it." So, I decided to heed my own advice and to run the marathon. It's not about getting the best time, or placing in your age group, it's about getting out there and pushing yourself to do something you once thought was impossible.

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  1. Yeah I just talked to Derek about it, and that sounds like a lot of fun! We're going to Idaho this weekend, and Oregon the next, but we're going to be home the weekend of the 20th and then we're going back to Idaho for the marathon the very last weekend in August so as long as we're home, we're in!