Game night and a birthday!

Yesterday we had a few friends over for dinner and then afterwards we played a new board game that I got at the BYU book store called mortality. It's pretty much the game of life turned into an LDS version, and the first one to get 150 testimony points wins! I know it sounds lame, but I love it, and for anyone that knows me, they would find it typical that I would love it!
This is us after we got done playing mortality!
Today was my birthday so when Derek got home I got my presents, he got me some flowers, Mr Poppers Penguins (the book) and The Spongebob Square Pants Movie, and a new laptop for school that should be coming later this week because mine is basically fried, and I've been using Derek's everyday for the last month. After that we baked a cake and then went out to dinner at Costa Vida (my favorite) and then we came home and I got to blow out my candles and everything. It was a great day to get the chance to hear from a lot of my family and friends! Thank you everyone who made my day so wonderful!

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