The Healthy Road Trip...

All week I had been regretting the fact that we had a 13 hour road trip ahead of us to go to Portland for my brother Josh's wedding, one big thing I was stressing out about was the limited options we were going to have to eat and the fact that we were going to have to spend a lot of money on fast food, and then spend the entire car ride after eating feeling sick and gross about myself. But then Derek had the idea this morning that we should just pack a cooler! And so now our trip is going to be filled with delicious healthy treats! The trip is going to take 13.25 hours and then we will be in the comfort of our nice hotel room, and then we will be at the temple for Josh and Holly's big day tomorrow, WOOT WOOT! Followed by hanging out at the ocean that night, and then a long trip home on Sunday!
Thirst quenching lemonade :)

Yummy deviled eggs :)
Zesty chicken salad!
& some apples, sandwiches and cheese sticks!

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