Off to Saint Anthony!

Yep, this is the weekend when all the wedding fun comes to a close, were heading to one of my favorite places out west, yes, that's right Saint Anthony, Idaho! It's probably one of the most relaxing small towns on earth, and I love it! We're going to be having our open house there on Saturday night and coming back to Provo Sunday night, and we're leaving this afternoon! I'm so excited!
This is Derek's dad's funeral home, I know it may seem weird, but whenever I think about going to Saint Anthony, this is the building that comes to my mind, mainly because it's right next to Derek's house but also because it's where we all hung out the first time I ever went to Idaho. We played ping pong at 11 o'clock at night in the funeral home, it was awesome.

The only thing bad about this weekend, I have to make a final decision! Am I running this marathon or not? I thought I was solid in my decision to run it but then this morning I got really sick while doing a simple 5k run. Also, I don't think I've prepared enough for it and think I may embarrass myself. But, Derek's whole family thinks I'm running it, so I want them to like me, and think I'm cool, so that means I have to suffer and run 26.2, right? Also I know that in order to do well and not get sick I'm going to have to gain 5-10 pounds to be able to run as well as I could last year, and I don't think I can mentally do that as of right now... So, this weekend is the pondering of what to do?

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  1. I think running a marathon would be so cool! But I have heard of people getting injured if they haven't had time to prepare. Take care of yourself Paige! It would be a bummer if you got hurt. Have fun this weekend!