So this weekend was pretty much fantastic! We started off by driving to Portland on Friday afternoon. I started off driving and I have a pretty good relationship with my car so I'm usually really good about sensing when something is wrong with poor Walter, so as we got about 20 mins outside of Idaho I pulled over and had Derek look at one of my tires... he came back in the car and asked me if I had a string, after a couple minutes, I sacrificed my shoe lace and Derek was able to fix my broken wheel well and we were back on our way!
This is Derek Fixing the car with my shoelace!
Among our many pit stops, one was at the Oregon sign!
And then we finally rolled into Portland at about 1:30 AM
& then on Saturday afternoon we got to head to the Portland Temple to see the Wedding of Josh and Holly! It was amazing! & The Portland Temple is so pretty! & Josh and Holly looked amazing!
Then that night we got to go to their county fair themed reception! It was incredible! Holly's family did such an amazing job! They had fried dough, corn dogs, a photo booth, fun games, a carriage ride, and a bunch of other things! It was so much fun!
Sunday morning before we headed back out to Utah we made a trip out to the coast so that we could see the ocean! Oregon is soooo GREEN! I think that parts of Oregon just might be more green then NY! Which is saying something for sure!
This is the ocean! It was super pretty but it was really cloudy out!
This is us in the ocean, and Derek FREEZING!
On our way home we were hugging the border of Washington the whole time, it was always just on the other side of the river, so at one point we just decided to cross a bridge that went over to the other side just so we could get a picture with the sign! Yay for going to 3 different states in one weekend!

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