Recently Learned Lesson

So anyone who has ever met me, probably within the first 5 minutes of talking to me, can draw the conclusion that I'm crazy.
Mentally ill? No.
Psycho? Yes.
With? Food.
I know the amount of calories that are in the most random foods, and I can calculate a full meal in my head in under a minute.
How did this happen? I don't know.
Who do I blame? Probably every health teacher I've ever had.
Who is really to blame? Probably myself.
What has this habit done for me over the past 5 years? Probably nothing good.
How have I learned to over come this? A talk given in the 10/2005 conference titled, "The Sanctity of the Body."
Basically the talk tells about how are body is sacred, and how Satan too knows how sacred they are, and how he does anything he can to have us abuse our bodies, because of his eternal punishment to never have one. "He tempts many to defile this great gift of the body through unchastity, immodesty, self-indulgence, and addictions".
The biggest take home message I got out of this talk though was "The Lord wants us to be made over, not in the image of the world, but in His image, by receiving His image in our countenances."
I think that this talk taught me a lot about respecting my body, I think I also learned that I shouldn't unnaturally manipulate my body to be in the likeness of how everyone thinks the "perfect body" should be. I think that people truly do come in all shapes and sizes, and so long as we're trying to our best to be healthy, rather than the perfect size two, that's when we're really going to find happiness, when we love ourselves, and not others opinions, or what we're fed in magazines, or advertisements, or on the television.
Final words: Healthy, yes. Obsessive, no.
To read more on this talk, follow this link.

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