What a week!

So I've gotten to have a few good days this week, and I'm super excited for this upcoming week because I get to see a bunch of friends, celebrate my one month wedding anniversary, and my birthday, and then I get to go up to St. Anthony this weekend, so life right now= pure bliss! But here is a little taste of this weeks adventures.
This week I had to do my cleaning checks at the Branbury and managed to assemble my new vacuum myself, it doesn't sound that impressive, but I seriously was proud of myself.
That same night when Derek got home from work I made is favorite homemade pizza, Barbecue Chicken Pizza w. Pineapple. I just used a boboli crust, 1/2 reg pizza sauce and 1/2 barbecue, then added all the toppings and then baked it in the oven for 15 mins! It was so simple!
I got to enjoy some quality down time at work with Sarah this week as be both enthralled ourselves into our Harry Potter books because we're so awesome like that!
This was my last week at work for the summer, and this is the picture of all the girls that made it from the beginning of the summer, all the way to the very last day. I seriously love these girls so much and they definitely helped make the long hours of work worth it!
Today Derek and I did our "k" date. We watched Kung Fu Panda, went to Kneaders, and flew a kite in Kiwannis Park!
This is us with Sarah's awesome kite!

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