The Earth May Have Tilted Off It's Axis

So yesterday, the earth may have tilted off it's axis. Why? Because I did it! It was the first time since Derek and I started dating in February that we didn't spend the night together. Why? Because I chose to do something else rather than hang out with him. I wasn't mad at him or anything don't get me wrong, he's amazing, but I just needed a girls night and so I actually did as such! So Sunday I asked Haley if she wanted to and she said yes, and then she asked Holly if she wanted to and she said yes! It was pretty much perfect! Even though I must admit that I was super nervous and kept texting Derek in the beginning but after about an hour I was good, and had SO much fun! So we started off by going to Plato's Closet and selling some of our clothes back! I got $22.50 (woot woot!) And then we went back to Holly's, ate some delicious Little Caesar's, had some amazing pumpkin cookies (made by Holly), and then we played the Game of Life! Essentially the take home message for this post is... GIRL'S NIGHTS ARE AWESOME!

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