Education Revelation

So pretty much LDSBC was responsible for the best and worse days of my life. It was awesome because all I ever did was go to class and sit there for an hour, absorbed tiny bits of knowledge, took a few test and got essentially, all A's. It was the worse days of my life for the same reason. It taught me to be a lazy student and did not prepare me for the work that I was going to have to do at BYU. Last semester I barely got by and I noticed myself in this semester following the similar patterns. As I was walking out of the testing center today after getting bamboozeled on a physics exam (40%.... yeah I know I don't want to talk about it... which is why I am apparently) & I realized that the reason why my grades are as bad as they are is because I've been treating BYU the same as I was treating LDSBC. AKA doing nothing. BYU isn't the place to be lazy, and if you have that attitude they will promptly tell you to leave. So my education revelation is this: I need to do my work. I know it sounds simple, but my goal for this week is to actually study everyday and to get the grades that I know I'm capable of achieving. I just need to actually use that "e" word, effort.

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