Getting through school, and having some fun!

So this week Derek and I managed to get through another week of classes. It's so much easier to be in school and get all of your work done when you're married rather than dating because your both doing your homework at the same time, and your doing it with each other, so there is definitely less worrying about spending time with each other. Derek has been so great with staying on top of all his work for all his online classes that he is taking this semester, while working full time at Convergys so I don't have to work. I love you hun! Here are a few pictures from the beginning of school until now!
Poor Derek passed out on the first day of classes after being out of school for a little over a year!
Us enjoying an evening on the porch just chit chatting and people watching :)
Us at Malawi's pizza, because I love Africa!
Rekindleing our love for Creamery doughnuts before going to the temple this morning. It was such an amazing exprience. It was the second time that we have gone to the temple to do endowments since I had received mine. (We have been since then, but we did sealings and initatories). The best part though was that we got to be the witness couple, I felt like I was able to learn a lot more because of the more interaction that you have, it really was, amazing!
Tonight we went to Panda Express and then we went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 at the dollar theater! So much stinking fun!

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