New Blog!

I realized that i have this new obsession about cooking/baking and I kept posting all of my recipes and everything on this blog, which wasn't really the purpose of this blog and so I promise from this time forth that there will no longer be recipes on this blog. This blog will be returning to its original purpose of documenting the fun adventures that are going on in Derek and I's lives. However, I have created a new cooking blog which can be followed at...

As for fun things going on in our lives? Derek and I are going to Idaho this weekend to meet our two new twin nieces Lydia, and Alyssa! We're super excited! Also we're planning on going to the temple, taking a picture on the Flamm bench, and going shooting! I'm excited! I also get to see Kristina for the second weekend in a row! I know, exciting right?

Anyways, enjoy the new blog everyone!

Be sure to stay up-to-date on all of the latest things in our lives by following along in instagram @thehappyflammily!

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