Jess' Pizza Party!

I'm really blessed to have such good friends that I know I can always have fun with. Also, I'm so grateful that even though Derek and I are married we're still able to stay in touch with our friends from our old ward! Jess (Derek's roommate before we got married) came home from a summer job in Alaska a couple weeks ago, so we decided to throw him a homecoming party.
The Guest of Honor
Evan, and April
Austin and Brie
Evan Rocking it!

Also, a couple of weeks ago, Derek and I bought a new bookshelf. Then we went to Idaho and then Derek hast been sick for the past week so it wasn't getting put together. I decided to be handy and put it together myself. I only made 4 mistakes and 1 you can't see at all and the other one was fixable, and then the other 2 are covered up by books. I'd say job well done!
Me getting to work!
Showing off my work.
All decorated!

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