Our Home!

So I realized that when we got married over 3 months ago I never did the traditional post with all of the pictures of our apartment. So this post is going to be dedicated to our homey, sweet, comfy, humble abode! I love our apartment for many reasons. I love that it's where Derek and I will/have been creating our first memories together. I love the large bedroom and the cheap rent. There are things I don't love... like how the bathroom is the only room that gets natural sunlight and how it always makes my shampoo hot and soupy. I don't like our tissue paper thin walls that make we want to cry when I hear the sounds of crying babies or other rude disturbances while I'm trying to sleep, but it's home! And hear it is!
The coat rack that I painted/put together
Our kitchen.
Our awesome couches that Derek picked out.
Our means of entertainment.
Table for two.
Our styling bathroom thanks to my Mormon Mom!
The bedroom.
The closet.

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