Week in Review

Derek and I have been pretty busy lately! Derek's classes are all starting to get intense with the semester starting to wind down and then with Thanksgiving next week and everything. I've also been keeping busy with my cooking blog and getting it all set up with our new google contract! (Meaning I'm starting to make the dough, yo!) Last weekend I went to Eva's baby shower and last night I went to a wedding reception for one of my old roommates. I'm just going to take a sentence here to say that Malissa looked so GORGEOUS! Other than that not to much is going on... I went up the canyon today to get some pictures of the blossoming winter. Tonight Derek and I went to Burger Supreme and Bowling for date night, which was a lot of fun... and delicious!
 A leaf
 White Stuff
 The Beautiful Mountains of Sundance
 Derek and I at Bowling
 Derek and his professional form.
 Me, just being awesome. 
 All done, Derek beasted all 3 games!

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Baked Potatoes

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