Women Rule

First of all I want to say how grateful I am to have this semester off from school and just getting to be a better wife, and staying home, and cleaning, and cooking, and keeping busy doing things I love. I love that I've been able to do and learn things that I might not have ever gotten to learn at BYU. For the record I am starting school again in the spring.

Here are just some of the things that I've been able to do since not being in school
- Learned how to sew on a sewing machine
- Learned how to weather through the first trimester of pregnancy
- Learned how to read my scriptures on my own and not just calling family scriptures, "good enough"
- Learned to having more meaningful personal prayers
- Gained a remarkable testimony in honesty and have started to correct all the wrongs that I've done, yes I told as of yesterday my former employer that I did not have a rare heart disease that led me to quit.
- Fixed a  garbage disposal! Yes! ME!

Tonight when I was cooking dinner I messed up and had to start again with the burgers. So I threw all the old burger meat in the disposal, Derek said it was OK. Well it wasn't because immediately after that we had liquid coming up both sides of the sink and it was a gross mess. But I figured out how to turn off our switch breakers, get under the sink with an Allen wrench and unjam the blade, and then plunged out the rest of the clog! I felt awesome, I couldn't handle it to be honest! I was getting a little too big for my briches as my grandma would say, but I felt ACCOMPLISHED!

Anyways I guess what the main point of this post is something that I learned from my VT tonight. Which, I think that she was inspired to share it with me because it was EXACTLY what I needed. I had been on the fence about whether or not I actually wanted to go to BYU-I, next semester and actually finish my degree, and she shared with me this thing about a woman who didn't feel the need to go to school because she was going to have a rich husband and she could just go and shop all day and get her nails done because it didn't matter what she did, and she didn't need to go to college because she was a woman.

Then my VT told me how President Hinkley specifically said that it is important for a woman to have an education because we need to be learning. Not because we need to have a career but because the point of this life is to learn. I'm just really grateful for visiting teachers, who are inspired to share things with me, even when they don't know why they are doing it. But tonight I definitely received an answer for something that was heavily weighing on my heart and mind for a long time now. For that I'm so grateful.

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