Gynastics, Hula Hula, a murder, school, and moving!

This weekend was AWESOME! What? Is that not the right word to use when you put murder in your subject line? Oh well, it was. Derek and I went to the BYU gymnastics meet on Saturday afternoon and then we got to go to our ward activity that night which was a Hawaiian themed murder mystery! it was super fun and I can already tell that we are definitely going to be loving our new ward! Everyone is super funny/fun/and awesome!
 Me clearly really excited that BYU won! Oh and lets just note, 17 weeks and 4 days, no bump, and clothes still fitting!
 Derek and I enjoying the meet!
Our awesome tickets!

So craziness! Derek and I are moving in 2 weeks and we STILL don't have anyone who wants to buy our contract! EH.... It's a nice place people! Take our contract! You know you want it, don't even kid yourself! Also, I start my Dental Assisting Program next week as long as Ballston Spa High School was able to fax me my transcripts today like they were supposed to. I'll find out tonight when I get to the Branbury office and check the fax machine. Keep your fingers crossed everyone! But we seriously still have so much to do in the next two weeks! Derek starts a new class tomorrow for school, I start next week, we have to start packing, and figure out what needs to be put in storage, and then figure out how big of a storage unit we're going to need. And of course I'm stressing out about all of the above and Derek is just so easy going and nonchalant about it all! At least we balance each other out right? Oh and can I say I'm really excited that I'm going to get to wear scrubs for dental assisting. I kind of think they're awesome and I'll totally look awesome in them!


  1. I'm kind of really jealous about you still fitting in your clothes. At almost 12 weeks along I'm already in maternity clothes.

    If Gregg and I didn't need a 2 bedroom apartment we'd totally consider your contract though :(

  2. Having two nonchalant people moving makes for one last minute move...STRESS for a day and then it is over! HAHA!