The baby bump has officially bloomed! It was kind of there kind on not over the last couple days/week or so, but I think this morning I can proudly say that the bump is there! WAHOO! Here is a picture of the little bump.  
For the record remember the picture I posted last week and you could not tell at all? Yep, this little thing popped out of thin air... or maybe the taco I ate last night just really put me over my limit. But at least my pants still fit, although, there was a slight struggle in buttoning them this morning. They we're in the dryer yesterday though, I'll blame it on that! 


So tonight we're going to a Singaporean restaurant called the Banana Leaf, I'm pretty excited, we've heard its to die for!
Also, today is craft day with Holly! Wahoo!
Tomorrow night we're hitting up Olive Garden with Josh and Holly! 
This bump could be a lot bigger by Sunday.  

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