Sarah's Getting Married!

Today I got to go to the bridal showers for one of my awesome friends who is getting married on Saturday of next week. I could not be anymore excited for the 2 of them because they are perfect for each other in every single way, and I think their "how-we-met" story is simply amazing, I love them! 
Sarah during on of them many games/activities that we did.

Tonight Derek and I along with all of the other RA's got to go to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner in honor of the upcoming white glove cleaning checks that we have to do next week. I'm not looking forward to them, they are going to be a ton of work and are probably going to stink but, we got a free meal, and Macey's soft serve ice cream, so that makes it all better right? Right.

Also pretty much one of my best best friends, April went to California last week (lucky) and she also got to go to Disneyland (jealous), but she brought Derek and I back the cutest onezie ever for our little baby! It was so cute and so thoughtful of her! She is so great, I love her!
It might be a bad picture when it's small, but just in case you can't read it it says, future prince charming, and it has Mickey on it! So stinking cute! Thanks APRIL!

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