Surprise From Derek's Dad

Today I got home from doing my clinical hours, and I just got all cozy on the couch when all of a sudden I got a text from Derek's dad saying that he was at 600 N in Salt Lake and that they were going to be here in Provo in an hour! Obviously I freaked out cleaned the apartment a little bit, ASAP, and then rushed t o make myself look presentable. Derek got home from work and then we hung out outside in the sunshine together while we waited for Nathan and his dad and then we went and got some food at Denny's. I had already eaten lunch an hour before so I wasn't really even hungry, same with Derek, so we just split a half salad together and enjoyed the time with his dad and brother, but during the meal Derek saw an eye bugger on my face and couldn't hold himself back, so this is him going for it right at the table. 
Tender, I know, right?

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