Mitchell, pregnancy, and a bird in our wall!

So it's been a few weeks since I last posted and so now I'm playing blog catch up, clearly a common theme in my life but here we go.

So a few weeks ago one of my really my really good friend from back home, Mitchell, died. It was really sudden, and really shocking and I still don't think my brain has fully grasped the fact that's its happened. It's been really weird to just being so far from home right now just because I wish I was home and able to be with my family (our two families are really close) and I wish I could be there for my friend Anthony (it was his younger cousin, and he was a year younger than me and his brother was my age) and his family. Mitchell was pretty much always the funny kid every where we went and it's going to be really different going home and not seeing him. He was always there to brighten up your day, even if he wasn't having a good one! He's going to be GREATLY missed! I love you Mitch!

On a lighter note, being pregnant is fun for the most part. Just not so much when I go to bed and can only sleep in 2 positions, being my left or my right side. We finally got everything set up for medicaid so we won't be complete poor people when the baby comes! I finally got a maternity bathing suit so I've been spending a lot of time outside getting my vitamin D on and hanging out in the pool, which is pretty much the greatest thing ever because it's nice and cold and relaxing. I think I'm going to invest in a pool noodle so that I can just spend all day floating away in there. That would be awesome. I think I'm going to do that!

I finish my dental assisting class at the end of this month and I could not be happier. Not that I don't like being in class or anything but it's just getting exhausting doing my clinical all the time and everything. If I sit down for too long I feel like I'm going to pass out, and if I stand for too long, same thing, so clinical hours are becoming torture but I only have to go 2 more days/week for 4 hours each for the next 3 weeks and then I'm done and can waste my summer away in the pool/couch relaxing!

Now onto the bird. Last week we heard an animal clawing away at the inside or our wall and I was straight up freaking out and so we called maintenance to come and get it out and it turned out to be a harmless almost kind of cute black bird! It was strange, I thought it was a raccoon or something that was going to end my life! It's a good thing I don't over react about anything though, right?

Welp that's all for right now!

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  1. I was madly addicted to junk foods, when i found that i am pregnant(first pregnancy), i took a deep breathe thinking about leaving all my favourite junkies food was a terrible experience of my life, but anyhow there was a happiness of my baby birth..i quit my habits..Thank God for helping me :-)

    Sheila Burnett