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So pretty much every free second that I get, which has been few and far between lately, I've been hanging out at the pool and trying to stay cool and comfortable! The pool is pretty much great cause I can just float in there for a few hours and not have to worry about being uncomfortable and being in pain from being pregnant. Which is always nice! 10 more weeks!

 Derek and I think that Nora (our friends Katy and Jordan's baby) is super cute! We love watching her and getting in all the practice we can before baby Jay gets here! We have big shoes to fill though, because Nora is super cute, so Jay is going to have to be equally as cute so everyone likes him too! 

Derek and I have been trying to go on as many dates as possible since we know there isn't going to be as many once the baby comes! A couple weeks ago we went to one of my favorite local Hot Dog places, J-Dawgs!

Derek got me a feather pillow topper for Mother's Day so that I could get some better sleep at night and be more comfortable! Let me tell you, it does just the trick! I could spend all day in our bed now! ... Or the pool...

I made this collage the other day, it's a progression of the baby bump, its not as cute as other peoples that I've seen on pinterest, but I hate taking pictures of myself while I'm big anyways so I'm not heart broken that these aren't really the cutest shots. 

Derek bought be a baseball glove and we've been spending some nice time together just going outside and playing catch. I'm not that great at getting the ball directly to Derek, or catching it, so I do a lot of running around, but Derek is patient which is always nice :)

And last but not least! I finally finished my Dental assisting course and I also got hired at the office where I was doing my clinical hours part-time until the baby comes! I'm super excited! I got a 100 on my radiology test, and a 95 on my licensing test! Just don't ask what I got on my CPR certification, or ever ask me to use it! Just kidding... but not really haha! This picture is of the first temporary crowns that I made a while back! The patient said they fit like a glove! Not too bad for a first timer!

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