Derek: The reason why Provo is still standing!

Last night Derek and I went to the Branbury bonfire with our friends Jordan and Katy because they were working it so we went along to hang out. Right after we got the fire lit we all just happened to look over the fence and saw a group of kids who had been fishing and then huge flames burning up a section of the woods. All of the kids over there were just standing doing nothing and then one kid was trying to put it out by kicking dirt on it which wasn't helping, just making it worse. So Derek jumped the fence to try and help them while Jordan ran and got a garbage can to fill with water from the river and dump on the fire. Before Jordan got back though it was really getting out of hand really quick and I yelled to Derek to call 911! He did and they came within 3 minutes. The firefighters got the fire out within a few minutes and then talked to Derek and Jordan for a while to try and figure out what happened because all the kids that were fishing were all from Japan and didn't speak any English. It was probably the most exciting thing to ever happen at the Branbury! I wish I had gotten a picture of it when it happened but I left my phone at home, but I think we're going to walk over and get a picture of the damage after church tomorrow cause it was crazy! But Derek is pretty much a hero because if he didn't call 911 I'm pretty sure it would have gotten a lot worse and those other kids would have gotten hurt!
The black is all the burn!

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