Father's Day, Evan's Birthday, Settlers of Catan

Today was the first Father's Day that Derek and I have had together since being married. I got him a card and a new tie, typical, but when you wear ties once a week, they are a good thing to have plenty of! After church I made Derek a nice manly dinner of steak and potatoes and a salad and then he spent most of the rest of the day finishing up homework for his last week of classes while I spent the day wrapping Evan's present, doing laundry from the ward camp out, and doing dishes.

Later we went to Evan's for his birthday pizza party that he was having at his house (pizzas were purchased last night from Papa Murphy's so we did not break the Sabbath if anyone was wondering), then we played a game of Settlers of Catan and I FINALLY won for my first time... after we had been playing about 3 times a month for the past 4 months, and me losing every time! All in all it was definitely a really nice Father's Day!

 Evan blowing out his birthday candles 
 I think he was licking the frosting off here
 Opening his present from us!
 After my first victorious win of Settlers of Catan
Derek's first Father's Day tie and Card!

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