Idaho and crazy awesomeness!

A couple weekends ago Derek and I went to Idaho for Memorial Day weekend. We got to go to this thing that his town puts on called the "Fisherman's Breakfast" essentially, the whole town of St. Anthony wakes up at 4am and goes and stands in line to get food made by the local members of the Rotary Club (Derek's dad being the number one pancake flipper for the early morning shift). Then at 5am the party gets started and everyone is able to go and get their food. We really wanted to go to this last year but Derek was just starting his new job and so we had to stay in Utah for the weekend because he couldn't get the time off from work. This year was awesome though because we stayed in bed until almost 5:30 and then stuck to the front of the line to meet up with Derek's friends from high school, who did all the hard work and got there hours before, and then we just reaped the benefits of their labor, it was awesome, probably a  little wrong, but it was raining, so I'll justify it! I just wish I would have gotten a picture from it, but rain and iPhones don't really get a long, so it had to stay in my pocket for the morning.

Also, fun little tidbit of information... Did you know having a baby is expensive? Holy cow, it is, just saying, however Derek and I have gotten extremely lucky, AKA blessed, and somehow have managed to get a bum load of money in gift cards recently which we are just putting straight towards getting stuff for baby Jay. Derek randomly got a $250 Visa gift card from work, probably for having to be so awesome and wake up so early every morning! But then I got a $50 visa gift card from the Branbury for helping out extra in the office, and then we got an 8 month late wedding present a couple months ago that was a $50 target gift card that we had already planned on saving for baby things. So pretty much the Big Guy Upstairs as I like to call Him, is well yep, AWESOME! So yeah I'm just pretty grateful for all the little extras we've gotten so far!

This weekend is my baby shower and I'm super excited! Only 2 more months until we get to meet baby Jay! Wahoo!

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