No Longer RA's

So remember way back when, when  I posted about how Derek and I were going to be RA's and that we were going to get free rent? Then remember when I posted about how they were making budget cuts and that Derek and I weren't going to be RA's? Then remember when I posted and said that another couple quit and so then Derek and I got the RA job after all? Well, thanks to the lovely management at the Branbury, we are no longer RA's once again, and we have until the 17th of August to be out and moved! Don't worry that is only 2 weeks after we're supposed to be having our baby! No big deal! Anyways, Derek and I are planning on finding a new place to live sometime in the next 3 weeks and then we can hopefully get everything settled in before the baby gets here. So that's the plan, however, if Derek can magically find a job in Rexburg/St. Anthony area, then we would want to move there instead of being here in Provo, just because it would be awesome to be so much closer to family, especially with a new baby and everything! So hopefully everything will all work out, but it will, it always does! Tonight we're looking at 4 places so hopefully one of them works for us! By the way, if any single students are reading this, the Branbury is now hiring 7 single students to be RA's to replace the married couples that they fired and left homeless last night so if you're interested inquire at the office!

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