Pregnancy as of lately!

So tonight I'm just hanging out bored in the clubhouse until Derek gets done with homework and he brings over our delectable Little Caesar's Pizza, so I decided it would be a good time to write in the blog!

Tomorrow is my baby shower and I could not be more excited to just hang out and have a good time with all my friends that I haven't seen in forever! Also, I'm super excited and grateful for all the hard work that Holly has gone through in putting everything together for it. I'm super excited to see all that she has done for  it.

So recently this week Derek and I made the decision that we are going to go with natural childbirth and we're not going to be delivering in the hospital, and we are going to be doing a water birth. Exciting right? Well, maybe not for everyone but I'm really excited about this!

So this kind of all started a few months ago when my friend Katy was telling me that she delivered her baby at a birthing center here in Orem, all natural, no drugs, and her baby was 10lbs! This gave me so much confidence that I could totally do it to! Then I started thinking that people were having babies for a long time before epidurals and other drugs like that were invented. So it is a possible and natural thing for people to have babies this way.

However, Derek and I thought that we were going to be getting on Medicaid and so we thought we would just do what everyone does and just go with the whole hospital routine for everything. However, apparently we aren't poor enough for Medicaid, which was actually a little comforting to find out that we're financially doing better than we thought we were, but then I realized that if our delivery wasn't going to be free, and we were going to have to pay for things it might as well be the way I want to do it!

So we met with the midwives at the birthing center in Orem, and decided that the natural water birth was really what we wanted to do. And bonus, its about seven times cheaper to deliver in a birthing center then in a hospital, so SCORE!

I'm super excited to get to have a natural childbirth, and I'm so glad that an epidural won't even be an option there (midwives aren't licensed to give epidurals and there isn't an onsite anesthesiologist) so their isn't going to be anyone to pressure me into doing something that I'm not going to want to do while I'm all vulnerable and in labor, plus I heard that my doctor, and the nurses in the hospital that I was going to deliver in all wind up trying to pressure the women into getting epidurals, which I'm not down with.

So that's all that's really new with us at the moment. We may have taken the large leap off the cliff or normalcy and now everyone probably thinks I'm more crazy than they already did, but we're excited!


  1. Kudos to you! I Actually considered doing natural childbirth for a while too , but after talking to my sister in law and being VERY realistic with myself I decided the hospital and all the pain medications I could take would be the best option for me. Anyways I can't wait to see you tomorrow at your shower!!


    You should read this. I follow her blog and she had a water birth as well. Hope it helps:)

    Oh and I miss you like crazy and wish I could go to your baby shower!!!