Take THAT Branbury!

So when we were RA's, the Branbury pretty much treated me like a slave and had me come in and do a bunch of extra work for them all the time because they couldn't handle the work that they were supposed to do on their own, so they had to enslave the RA's to get it done for them. So this left Derek and I with an extra rent credit of almost $900 dollars when they fired us just a few days ago. In the past management has clearly said that when you know you're going to leave the Branbury and the RA program that you just have to tell them in enough time so that you can live off of your remaining credit without having to work more RA shifts and so that you don't get ripped off from being their slave. But since they only gave us a month and a half notice to be out, they took that option away from us, and then pretty much said we weren't going to be compensated at all for what we had done for them. This didn't sit well with crazy preggo Paige so I put on my handy dandy back bone (this only happens on average about once/year) and I marched into the managers office and demanded that we be financially compensated for, at the bare minimum, all the credit that we will have left over after Aug 17 (The day we have to be gone by). My manager said that it pretty much wasn't going to happen and then I said that I was going to make a copy of all the papers that Derek and I signed that were in our file (which I did) and then told her that I was going to talk with our old Bishop and have him write up a legal settlement for us (he's a lawyer) and then get it back to her within the next week. I then handed her our RA keys told her we were done, and then clocked out and told Derek to leave the clubhouse (we were working a shift and he was watching the front desk). When I got home I made a  final log of all the hours we worked and what we felt that she should give us at the bare minimum and then e-mailed it to her. 5 hours later she e-mailed me back saying that we were going to be getting a check for $500, (which isn't the $900 cause she's paying us out for everything after Aug 17th, but still awesome) all because I finally got a back bone. Also I think it worked out because she said in our contract that it said that we could not be paid out our left over rent credit and then when we made a copy of it and took it home and read it, there was nothing in there about rent credit at all! HAHA! So pretty much, I'm awesome cause now we can just use that to pay the deposit at our new place! Yay backbones!


  1. haha way too go Paige! Don't let them mess with you! I need to learn to get this backbone at least 2 times and year!

  2. Yay for getting backbones. I feel like I've gotten more of one too since becoming preggo. Who knows though?!