We Have a Place to Live!

Derek and I last week went crazy searching on Cragslist for a place to live and then we looked at about 5 places and nothing we saw was really that great, except for one place that I fell in love with that was out of our budget, but that's a different story... Anyways, a girl at work told me to look at Stonecrest Properties cause they were really nice and cheap and they owned about 6 properties in Orem and Provo, so Derek looked them up online, and that same day we went to look at Franklin Commons and Seven Peaks Apartments. We loved Franklin, and Seven Peaks was just ghetto, but we decided to go for The Franklin Commons place! It's 2 Bedrooms with a remodeled kitchen and dishwasher, with FREE internet and cable for $655/mo! We just pay gas and electric in addition to that! Also, the guy that showed us the apartment told us that he doesn't like his current site managers and said that when they leave, or whenever he just gets super sick of them, we can have the job! So that would be another $100 off rent each month! Woo! We officially move next week Friday the 13th! Hopefully that's not a bad omen!

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