3 hours of church!

Today was the first time that I went to all three hours of church in I don't even know how long! When I was pregnant I was always just so uncomfortable that I usually left after sacrament meeting or half way through Sunday school and had Derek get a ride home with someone else, but today all three of us made it through all three hours and it was great! However I have a funny story...

So this morning I asked Derek to change Jay's clothes and get him ready for church, I thought the diaper would have been obvious too since it was the one that he had been sleeping in but I guess not too obvious cause Derek didn't change it... So during sacrament meeting Jay started to get fussy so I took him out in the hall to get him to calm down and noticed a green stain on his pants, a couple minutes later I realized it might be poo, so I peeked in and sure enough we had our first blow out! And then I asked Derek if he changed his diaper this morning cause that had never happened to us yet and I got a whoops for an answer! So it was a funny experience! But other than that Jay did great through church! Here's a picture to prove it!

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