I don't even know what to title this...

This week was supposed to go as such: have a baby, come home from the hospital, and not be pregnant anymore. Apparently baby Jay has yet to get the memo with this weeks to-do list because he is sticking in there pretty well. Before everyone starts leaving me crazy methods of how to induce labor, don't worry, I've tried most of them already, but I'm not willing to go get acupuncture or take castor oil so don't suggest those two. Aside from that I walked 4.4 miles on Wednesday, and 6.8 yesterday, I've gotten a pedicure, and have been rubbing the poo (no pun intended) out of that pressure point by my achelies tendon, and still no baby, so pretty much I think this baby is going to be pretty stubborn (hopefully not a sign on things to come...)
Snake we found on a morning labor induction walk
Sweet rich person car we saw when we were walking around a richy person neighborhood.
Snapshot from my first time ever pedicure!
However this week my Mormon mom Tracie came out to help us with the baby and we've been having a blast ever since she got here. We went to Ikea on Wednesday and got a crib, changing table, and rocking moose for the baby. Even though we bought and assembled the wrong color crib and then had to disassemble it and then bring it back to Ikea and then wait for them to get the right color one back in stock. It was also my very first expirience with Ikea ever, and I think I'm in love. If I wasn't already certified for dental assisting, I would consider doing something with interior design just because Ikea makes my heart pitter patter. 
Tying down the trunk with all the Ikea goodies!
The BROWN changing table...
...And the black crib... whoopsies!
The rocking moose that was the hardest thing ever to put together... woof!

Oh you wanted to know what else makes my heart pitter patter? The Olympics! They've been on all this week and will be on all next week and I could not be happier! Gabby Douglas is pretty much the most amazing gymnast ever, she's an awesome role model for the little girls of USA and she is incredible, and I may or may not have shed a tear or two when she won and then had her medal ceremony afterwards, yeah I'm an Olympic freak. However, my freakishness (yes, real word) will be increasing tremendously over the next week as the track and field events kick off and I become even more obsessed! Good thing Derek loves his Olympic crazed wife right? Right? OK, good.

So pretty much the take home message of this blog post... (1) Jay, hurry up and come out or Tracie is going to make me walk like 12 miles to Utah Lake and back on Monday and I'm guessing you would rather be born in a hospital instead of a trail, (2) Ikea is amazing and I love the Swedish people for creating such an amazing store, (3) The summer Olympics are always the greatest 2 weeks of my life every 4 years, and I will be allowing my kids to watch TV on Sundays so that they can rejoice in them as well. 

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