I Went Running!

Today I went running for the first time in SO long! I really don't even remember when the last time I actually ran was! During my pregnancy I went on a TON of walks and tried to stay active that way but I think the last time I actually ran was sometime before I found out that I was actually pregnant! So running today felt really good! I even took Jay with me in the jogging stroller, and I think he liked it, he pretty much slept the whole time so it's nice to know that's how I can cure him from crying! So I only really went like a mile I think but progress is progress and I'm really excited to start planning for running a half marathon again in 2013, and then maybe a marathon later in the year after that! I love having new goals to work towards!

Today was Derek's first day of classes and he said that his classes shouldn't be any harder than any other semester so far which is nice! However, he did buy 2 books that UVU said he needed and he really doesn't, and that was like $100+ so we're working in getting those returned to Amazon right now!

Other than that not too much is going on, just sleeping when possible and adjusting to motherhood :)... Oh and enjoying my last week of being a non college student again because it was either start paying back student loans or do BYUI online... So I'm taking a whomping 1 credit this semester (but that's just because byui had a rule that you could only take one 1 credit class for your first semester in the online program... Lame) but it is nice that I'll get to keep moving forward with my public health degree and keep that going, and they said I have 8 years to get my degree, so I think I should be able to do it by then! Anyways this post is getting long, I'll just leave you with 2 pictures of Jay, one in the jogging stroller, and one of him passed out after we got home!

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