My Birthday!

Yesterday was my Birthday and it was the best birthday ever! I know everyone always says that about every birthday but this one really was great! The day started by Derek going to work and me waking up early with Jay, but then Jay was super good all day and even took 3 long naps before Derek got home from work at 3! This means that I definitely probably should have been napping too, but I went into cleaning mode instead and now I'm paying the consequences for it today cause I'm BUM tired! But that's OK! Then when Derek got home from work I was sort of napping on the couch when Derek came over and surprised me with a dozen roses (which actually had 13 in the bunch, yay for flower shop errors!) Then Derek went and finished wrapping my presents and brought them out to me! I love how Derek totally knows what things will get me totally super excited, cause it's not like any of my gifts were SUPER expensive but he put a lot of thought into what he got me which made it totally awesome. So... Derek got me an electric tooth brush (cause I enjoy that nice clean feeling), a 3 pack of curling irons with each one being a different size (cause before I was using my hair straightener and it would be a hit or miss), the movie unstoppable (it makes my heart pitter patter), a box of chocolates, the roses, and bananagrams (best game ever), and then there is a mystery present still coming in the mail! So yeah Derek spoiled me and got me way too much but I love him so I'll forgive him ;) 

 Present time!
 My Happy Birthday Mommy Card :)
 Yay for not having to use my hair straightener as a curler anymore!
 The Birthday Loot! Thanks Derek, and family!
 Yay for self timered family pictures!
 Protecting Jay from the flame! I'm getting so old!
 Don't let this picture fool you, I did get all the candles!
 So I joked about wanting to make myself a 1 up mario themed birthday cake, but since I had a baby that wasn't happening, so Holly made me these 1-up mushroom cupcakes that were super yummy! Thanks Holly!
My yummy cake that Derek and I baked!

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  1. There is no way that you just had a baby. You look AMAZING!! I'm sure all other mothers are hating you right now, but is still love you Paige:)