1,058 days!

This post is going to be boring so you can just not read it if you want but I just needed to write it down so I didn't forget.

The other day I was reading through the blog of the missionary who baptized me, where his mom posted all his weekly letters home. I was reading mainly through the time period of when I got baptized. In one of the letters he wrote about how I had a countdown until I could go on a mission! I completely forgot that I had done that!

Right after I got baptized I figured there was 2 roads of being a Mormon that I could take, one, get married and start a family, or two, go on a mission. Well never in my wildest dream did I ever think I was going to get married, so I set my sights on the mission. I was only 18 at the time but I knew that if I kept my goal I would make it! So the countdown started at 1,058 days and would go until exactly my 21st birthday which was on a Wednesday, so I figured I would just go into the MTC on my 21st birthday! Well... I turned 21 a week or two ago and a mission never even crossed my mind once the whole day!

I really just think its amazing how much my life has changed since I got baptized almost 3 years ago! I went from being the girl who was dead set with going on a mission... To being the girl that starts dating, then gets engaged to, and marry's a boy all within 5 months! Then a little over a year later has the sweetest baby ever! I really love how our plans really just don't even matter when it's compared to God's plan! My life is so much better right now then I could ever possibly imagine, and I definitely thank my Heavenly Father for that everyday!

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