First Day of School, Running, Newborn Pictures!

So this week on Monday started my new journey of maybe, finally, hopefully finishing my Public Health B.S. I'm taking classes at BYU-I online and so far everything seems good! I'm only taking one class this semester because that's all BYU-I lets you do your first semester of the online program. Which is fine with me because having a new baby that could have been tricky! But I'm liking it and I already got all my work done for class this week already!
This is my really cheesey first day of school face! Don't even mind the fact that there is some serious rainbow going on in my glasses apparently you can see the little coating that they put on them sometimes, it's pretty cool. 

Then this week I also decided that I really need to be more diligent in getting back into shape and running! The American Heart Association just recently came out with a study that they had done where 1 hour of exercise each day adds an average of about 2 hours to your life expectancy! Which can add up to a lot of extra days on this beautiful earth if you stay diligent at doing it! And I want to be able to spend as much time here as I can, so exercise I will!

So this would be my running times from yesterday (day 1) and today (day 2) 2 minutes off my mile time, not bad, but not good enough, but i'll get back to where I was slowly but surely! I'm hoping to run the Provo City Marathon in May, and the Mesa Falls Half (again) in August!
 And this is sleepy Jay on our morning run!
Also, my friend Afton and her husband recently moved into the apartment underneath ours! I was super excited cause they were both in our singles ward and I even visit taught Afton so it was super exciting! And then last week the two of them had their sweet baby Zoe and they let me take her newborn pictures! She is even tinier than Jay was! So CUTE!


  1. OH MY GOSH !! That picture is amazing !! You are crazy awesome ! I need to get with you on how much we owe you !

    1. Really you owe me nothing! It's my additional gift to you! I'll drop your disk off tomorrow!

  2. Paige you still look so skinny! You'll get back into shape in no time.