The Dr.'s, Walking, and Yeah

Sunday morning we were so excited that we had regional conference for church and that we got to sleep in a little longer and have a nice breakfast because it wasn't until 10am instead of our regular church time at 9am. So Derek and I woke up and made waffles for breakfast and ate, and then went to go get Jay ready for the day. When we went to go change his diaper we saw what looked like a big glob of blood in his diaper where all the rest of his pee was. (We did take a picture but I decided to spare you guys.) The last few mornings I thought that I had seen blood in his morning diaper but I wasn't sure and thought that his pee had an orange tint to it. But this time Derek saw the glob and thought it was blood too. So we called his sister Natasha who is a NICU nurse and sent her a picture of the diaper and she thought that it was a small infection and that we should call the on call pediatrician just  to be safe. So clearly because I over react to anything that has to do with Jay I assumed that he was dying and called the doctors ASAP and took the first appointment they had. So we skip church, get dressed and into the car and go to the doctors and they pretty much took us right in when we got there. The doctor took 1 look at the diaper and was just like that's not blood it's his pee! So apparently because Jay has been sleeping through the night he's been getting a little dehydrated in his sleep which causes concentrated crystals that look red in color to come out when he pees. The doctor also said since he is gaining weight so well (9lbs now) that we don't even have to wake him up when he sleeps at night and that it's fine if that shows up every now and then. So that was our first of probably many unnecessary doctor visits that we've had with Jay , but it's always better to be safe then sorry!

Now unto the walking part! So Jay has been starting to take a few steps when we hold his arms or waist which is really exciting! I'm going to post a video for you guys to all watch cause it makes me really happy. But in the video he's crying, and I promise he doesn't usually cry when he does it, he was just already crying and for some reason I thought that would make it better. I promise I'm not a mean mom most of the time... except for when I let him cry for those 2 minutes so I can brush my teeth in the morning... I know, I'm terrible.

Other than that not too much is going on with us, Derek is still doing school and work, and I'm doing school and the photography thing on the side which has been fun! I got to take some really cute newborn pictures last week for this family in Springville and then I'm doing some homecoming pictures for some students from Pleasant Grove High School at the American Fork Amphitheater this weekend so it's been fun doing that! And I kind of think I'm really cool, even though deep down I know I'm not that cool, but I made a little photography blog cause clearly I like to have a blog for everything now a days, so here's the link to that. If you know anyone who wants some cheap semi-good pictures taken of them, send them my way!

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