Secret Mansion!

OK, so Derek and I always joke about the secret mansion that we want to have when we become "rich" (we always joke that we're going to be rich someday, whether that actually happens is a whole other situation). The whole secret mansion phrase came from when I went to Derek's house for the first time in Idaho. Their house looks like the typical ranch style house that many American families live in. From the outside you would never guess that it's really a 7 bedroom house with 2.5 bathrooms, or something like that. I always thought that was the coolest thing and I told Derek that that's how I want our house to be, small on the outside, and awesome on the inside, just like his parents place in Idaho.

Fast forward to about 3 months ago, Derek and I were driving to Walmart on the back roads to avoid all the traffic. This route always leads us through the cutest neighborhood that has a mixture of large and small homes. We saw this one house down a side street that was for sale that I thought was super cute, and small and everything! I told Derek it was the perfect small house I would want to live in one day. 

Last weekend on our way home from the pumpkin patch, which was right by Walmart, meaning we drove past my cute "small" house. Derek decided to drive down the road to get a better look at it, because I'm ALWAYS saying how cute it is! (It was still for sale too, not that we're looking to buy a house right now, just FYI in case you want to buy it and let me come over some time)!

So we get up nice and close to it, and notice that it actually is a little bit bigger than it looked from the beginning of the road. Then I got out of the car and grabbed one of the for sale fliers, and HOLY COW! TALK ABOUT AN AWESOME SECRET MANSION! 
Description: Description: Description: 1019955.jpg
This is the house
6 bedrooms 6 bathrooms 9205 sq ft
Floor 1: Great Room, Kitchen Dining, Formal Dining, Formal Living; Master BR; Laundry, Arts and Crafts Room. 
Floor 2: 3 Bedrooms, Baths, Study area. 
Basement: In-law Apartment, Kitchen Dining, Laundry, 2 Bedrooms, Baths, Exercise Room, Sauna, Storage
Outside: Tennis Court, Pool house, In ground pool, Basketball Court, fireplace, 3 car garage

Aerial view! It looks so small from the front, and then it really has ALL OF THAT! INSANE!

So yeah, never would have guessed that this little wonder from the top of the road was really hiding all of that! So pretty much, this takes the cake for best secret mansion ever! Derek said if it's still for sale in 10 years, and we happen to be living in Utah still, and we happen to be rich, that maybe we can think about buying it. But I do realize that it's realistically never going to happen seeing as it also cost $695,000!! So if anyone who IS rich IS reading this and IS looking for a new house, get this one, and just let me walk through it for an hour and make ALL my coveting house dreams come true, deal?

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  1. mmm secret mansion. I'm loving it. I'd pitch in for a house like this.