High Chair and Wiggle Worm!

Last weekend when we went to the grocery store we noticed that the Kmart next door was going out of business and having a huge sale so we went in just to see what they had, there was a really cute high chair there that was originally $70 and had been marked down to $40. There were a lot of them left so we decided to wait a few days and see if the price was going to go down anymore. Today we went in and it had gone down to $25 and the tag said it wasn't going to go down anymore (which may have been a lie, considering the store was going to be open 4 more days) but we decided to go for it anyways cause the one we were going to get from Ikea was $25 and a lot lower quality and we would have still had to pay shipping so this ended up being the better deal in the end! We were so excited to get home and get Jay eating in it! I think he really liked it! 

This is Jay eating some peas! He really liked them! This was the most solid food that he had ever eaten in one sitting! He so far has had green beans, carrots, and peas! Also in our cabinet  we have some squash for him that we will be trying next. Derek also might have given him some chocolate moose tracks ice cream the other day, I swear it was less than a teaspoon! I said to do it as a joke, and then Derek goes and really does it! Good thing I love him right? So the plan that we are going for is giving Jay all the veggies first, and then we will start introducing fruits. We heard that if you give them fruit first they won't want veggies, I don't know how true that is, but we'll just stick to it just in case!

This last picture would be Jay wiggling, turning and starting to get into everything! He has been scooting, but backwards and not forwards. This started yesterday! For the last week or so he has been spinning in circles on his belly. He is so alert and active, I'm sure he is going to be crawling in no time at all! It's so hard to believe that he is going to be 6 months in a couple weeks! I really don't know where the time has gone! I love this little guy to pieces!

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