A few days after we got home from Idaho we noticed that Jay had quite the cough coming in. Derek didn't think it was too big of a deal so we didn't take him to the doctors right away. That night Jay woke up 3 times in the middle of the night (which I know what a lot of you are thinking, boo hoo, but Jay always sleeps with no problems, so this was a big sign something was up) also, while he was waking up he would have HUGE coughing fits and by the morning we could tell he definitely had a fever, so we took him to the doctors and he tested positive for RSV! The poor little guy had a fever and was coughing all over! That night his fever spiked to it's highest point of 101.9 and I was freaking out. I thought he was going to die! (I overreact a lot) But we gave him more Tylenol, suctioned him, and fed him and by the morning his fever was gone again. He's doing a lot better now but his cough I think is worse now than a few days ago, so I think I might call the Dr. and ask for a prescription for some cough medicine! 

However, last night was NYE and so we did have a tiny celebration! Me, Derek, and Jay went over to Derek's old apartment and hung out with his old roommate Evan and his Fiance Fernanda, and then Derek's old roommate Jess and his super fun girlfriend Emily was there too! We had a blast playing on the Wii, playing electronic banking Monopoly (I WON!) and then we counted down to midnight and kissed our significant others when the time came! It was a blastypoo!

And what would be a post about the New Year without our list of resolutions?
Derek and I have both committed ourselves to buying and completing Insanity once we move to NC.
We're going to get better about reading our scriptures everyday, because the holiday season destroyed us.
And I'm committing myself to getting all A's this year in school! 

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