Temple, Donuts, and Toys

The other morning we thought it would be really fun to take a drive to see the Raleigh temple, which is actually in Apex in case anyone cares. But we had a nice quite drive through the rain to get there and then once we got there it wasn't raining too much but then Derek didn't want to get out of the car to take a family picture by the temple so what you see in the next two pictures is what you get. After that we looked around at the houses around the temple and are now hoping that when we buy a house in a few years that's where we'll wind up, or somewhere in the same neighborhood we're in now, but preferably by the temple would be awesome. On the way home from the temple we accidentally went on a highway that had toll roads, and then instead of them having a toll booth they just take pictures of your license plate. So now my dad is going to get a fun surprise in the mail in a couple days! Good thing I'm his favorite :) 

That night when we got home we had received a flyer in the mail for a free donut at Krispy Kreme, so then we went back to the mail boxes to see if anyone trashed their flyers and someone did, but then someone saw me taking it off the ground and everything and it was really awkward haha but oh well. So then yesterday in the rain and rush hour traffic we decided it would be a good idea to go to downtown Chapel Hill to get our free donuts. It was crazy getting there and then we had to park on the street and couldn't find a spot right by the store so then when we finally found a spot it was about an 1/8th of a mile away, which isn't a big deal but it was cold, and raining and we weren't wearing coats, and forgot a blanket for Jay and carry his car seat so it was rough. We were a mess. But then someone had left money on the meter where we parked so then we were like, "SCORE", but then the people parked next to us an expired meter so then we just put our money in their meter to pay it forward. So then we finally got our free dark chocolate frosted donuts with dark chocolate cream in the middle and it was one of the greatest culinary pleasures of my life. No joke. Derek and I want to go find other people ditched flyers and go back and get more haha. 

And this is the life of Jay lately, being happy and playing with all his toys!

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