February 22!

Happy February 22nd everyone! Today is one of my favorite days of the year and has been for a very long time. Not only is it my half birthday but the 2/22 is all 2's which is my favorite number, and Derek's favorite number paired together so it makes it really special! Was that too mushy? Sorry, I'm just mushy these days! 

To celebrate such a fantastic day Derek and I were going to use the gift card that we got from the Dennis' to go to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner since there is one right up the road from us. So we get to the restaurant and I look at the gift card and realized we were in the parking lot for Lonestar Steakhouse and our gift card was for Longhorn Steakhouse, turns out there isn't one of those close to us! Our card is also good at Red Lobster, Olive Garden and a couple other places, which are close to where we were but we weren't digging those options tonight so I decided to show Derek the amazingness of Panera. Don't worry everyone, he approved! I forgot how much I loved Panera! It's been seriously over a year since I'd eaten there, and I was preggo and sick then so it was a great treat! 

Then tonight Derek and I became big people who have a Sam's Club membership! We decided to go with Sam's Club over Costco cause their membership was cheaper and I went online to compare the prices of diapers, wipes, and formula at Sam's Club vs Costco, which are the main things we were going to use it for and Sam's Club was cheaper in all 3! So there's a little heads up for anyone who is in that debate with their families right now!

Derek and I also finished building our kitchen table last night! It was seriously so hard to put together so after we finished the big corner piece by hand Derek and I decided to go to target and buy an electric power drill since the small hand one that operated on double A batteries that I got him for his birthday turned out to be worthless... And then when we got home and put together the bench and the table we wound up not even needing it, so it was kind of a wasted purchase but at least we have it now for our future building endeavors! 

Jay has started eating fruits this week! I think I may have mentioned that already in another post but he has tried applesauce and LOVED it (PS. I tried the baby applesauce and it's delicious and I think it tastes way better than the adult stuff, don't judge me but I think I might buy some for myself), he's also eaten mangos, which he was so excited about today! 

I'll leave you with a picture of the cutie and the finished table!

I've decided that this is how I feel about Jay "kjfklsjdlksjadkljaslkdjlaskdjlask" As in I love him so much I can't put it into words :)

Yay for dining rooms with tables!

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