Holding A Bottle

Last week Jay started holding his bottle on his own! This may not seem like a huge accomplishment  but for someone who has been bottle feeding and holding that bottle for him everyday since he was 6 weeks old, I think it's crazy! He now is so much more independent. He plays with his toys on his own doing his own thing so often now. And he can hold his own bottle! It's like he doesn't even need me anymore, except to change his diapers which are getting more and more gross as each passing day goes by now that he's eating solids. So far Jay has eaten, green beans, peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, white and wheat bread, rice cereal, chocolate moose tracks ice cream (Derek's doing not mine)! Jay turns 6 months old on Friday and so we will be going in for his 6 month appointment either this week or next week. We still need to fine either a family doctor who also does infants, that we can just all go to as a family, or a pediatrician  which probably isn't a daunting task. I just need to actually look someone up. But Jay is getting so big so I'm sure his stats are going to be really funny to us when we get there.

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