Presidents Day Surprise!

Turns out the surprise that Derek was torturing me with all last weekend was the fact that it was president's day yesterday and that he had the day off. I was so oblivious to this fact of it being a national holiday. Apparently when you're home all day everyday with the best baby ever, the days just kind of mesh all into each other and you don't know what is what. So Monday morning I patiently waited until 6:46am to ask Derek when his alarm was going to go off so I could ask what my surprise was. He replied, "NEVERRRR!" and then I instantly knew he had the day off. We cuddled for 5 minutes before I passed out, then Jay woke up 45 minutes later and Derek took him downstairs while I slept for another 2 hours. Yes, I know, Derek IS the greatest husband in all the land. Then we went to Walmart and got Jay more baby food, went to look for a new kitchen table and failed, and then we did other awesome stuff that I'm not allowed to talk about because we're trying to surprise everyone! Woof! I hate surprises! 

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