Super bowl Sunday!

Last night was the Super Bowl, Derek and I were rooting for the 49ers so we all know how that went for us. It actually became a really god game at the end!  I hate when it's a complete wipe out, which is what I  thought it was going to be at first. But then it got really close at the end so it was a good game! Jay stayed up until 8 o'clock, which is saying something since he wants to go to bed at 6 every night and then we force him to stay up until 7. So Jay went to bed and then Derek and I watched the rest of the game and then headed in for the night. 

Derek started his new job today and he loves it! Which I'm so happy about! Ever since we got here to NC there hasn't ever been one time when I thought that this was a wrong choice for us which has been so nice! We really love living here and now that Derek loves his job it's just that much better. 

Just a few perks from his new job... Health insurance that doesn't cost and arm and a leg, 12 paid vacation days per year automatically. Then he gets 3.5 hours per paycheck toward sick days. Which with his old job it was 3.5 hours per paycheck for both sick and vacation days! He gets to workout for free in the on site gym, and THEY GAVE HIM A BRAND SPANKING NEW LAPTOP! Yeah, we love Netapp, probably why Yahoo news ranked them the #6 company to work for in the US! 

So Basically we're really happy here! I got an e-mail from someone in the bishopric today saying for me to meet with the Bishop before church on Sunday, I'm smelling a calling coming on. I'll be sure to report back on how that goes. 

Other than that not too much going on! Here are some awesome Super Bowl pictures!

I made those boneless wings btw!

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