A Recap of the Last Week

So this last week has been pretty awesome! Starting with the fact that we bought a new car! Originally we were thinking that we should buy a new house since the market is really good in the area where we live and we even made an offer on a house, but then the people got offended because our offer was so low, and then I got offended because they got offended and then we (I) decided to just not do it anymore. And then all of a sudden my poor sweet Walter (my civic) was slowly become more and more of a project, so we decided that it would be smarter to use our savings on a new car right now instead of a house since we don't know that we'll for sure be living here when Derek graduates anyways. So there you have it! 
Meet Walton. Walton because we traded Walter in for him and we bought him from a man named Dalton, put it together, you get Walton... Derek says he doesn't like the name, but he also said do what you want... so I did.

Also this week, Jay found his tongue so he has been making even funnier faces than normal and has been making the funniest noises... including raspberries which is awesome! 

Also this week we had the missionaries over for dinner and on Sunday when we were driving them home from church Derek and I went on a rant about how much we loved Krispy Kreme and then we realized that was probably mean to do to them, so we bought them a dozen when they came over for dinner, and Jay got his first Krispy Kreme hat!


  1. I love the name Walton for you car and kyle's tongue face!

  2. Congrats on the new car!!! We did that once when a house deal fell through. Ended up for the better.