Baby Sleepover

Last night we babysat for a couple in our ward who has a baby just a couple weeks older than Jay. They were going out to dinner with her friend who had just moved here and we decided that it would be fun to babysit one of Jay's friends! Jay and Luke loved playing with each other until bedtime and then when we put them to bed we got both babies to sleep within 10 minutes which was pretty cool! Luke's parents came to get him at 11 and he was glad to go home I'm sure, but we had fun! Does this mean we're ready for baby number two? Maybe... I won't lie it was fun having two little guys crawling around here! 

 Baby Buddies!
 They both found Derek's textbook very interesting!
 Luke ran to the camera as soon as he saw it!
 Cute boys!

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  1. These little guys are just too cute!!! I could see why you enjoyed this.