Life According to My iPhone Pictures

I couldn't really come up with anything spectacular that I did this week aside from a craft that I'm working on for a Relief Society project, but that deserves a post on it's own. So today as far as writing down the things that we've done this week go I figured I would turn to my phone and pictures for help. However, there is no proof but I feel that it should be noted that I ran over 2 miles 2 day in a row this week without stopping and for that I feel pretty accomplished  I hated running after I had Jay cause every organ in my body felt like it was going to fall out of me, and I officially think all my organs are back and solidified where they're supposed to be, so running felt great! 

 No one ever hated family cuddle time on the couch that's for sure!
 This week Jay decided that sleeping through the night wasn't very cool. This is my failed attempt at getting him to sleep a little longer with me in the morning!
 As usual Jay's cuteness meter is growing exponentially this week. Which is good, cause you need extra cuteness during the weeks when you don't sleep like you're supposed to. 
 Jay learned how to stack the rings this week!
 He also learned how to bust out of the tub! Love this little guy! Good thing I get him for eternity!
I was talking to my friend Jess on my phone, Jay wanted to wave and say hi to her clearly! See what I mean about the off the charts cuteness? 

I do want it to be noted that Jay did sleep all the way through the night last night, so life is good and all is right with the world again!

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  1. What a lovely family you have and yes, Kyle is super adorable! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your family life.