Last week was my first week back into real life since having my wisdom teeth out so I feel like nothing monumental happened. Although, Derek and I have now officially passed the two year mark of us getting engaged which is crazy! Which day also happened to be my grandmas 81st birthday! Woo wee, what an old timer! 

This last weekend we pretty much just hung out inside the whole time, minus a walk that we went on Saturday afternoon. And Derek killed the scary bees nest that was right outside our door and then picked it up with his bare hands! Blah! I get the heebeegeebees just thinking about it! 

Sunday I gave a talk on entertainment and media and I think it went over pretty well, and by that I mean at least everyone laughed once during my talk so at least the ward doesn't think I'm a boring weirdo... just a normal weirdo! 

I started my new semester on Saturday! I'm taking 3 classes this semester that will go through mid July! I'm taking World Civilization, Math 108 (again, don't want to talk about that one), and Book of Mormon 1 (again, dumb credits that don't transfer from LDSBC) So it should be a pretty chill semester, and I just have to get through these 3 classes and 4 more in the fall and then I can be done! 

This week I'm doing a freezer meal lesson for our relief society meeting on Thursday night and I'm pretty excited about it! I really can't even remember the last time I  made a dinner that wasn't a freezer meal, so clearly they're something I'm really into right now!

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